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Economic Impact Payments 
The IRS continues to monitor and prepare for new legislation related to Economic Impact Payments. The IRS will make updates to the Get My Payment portal to provide updated information for taxpayers in the near future. 
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Investment Management
Professional asset management to help navigate complex financial markets.
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Asset Management - Our Value Proposition

We employ a hybrid approach to managing money based on utilizing top institutional money manager models for equity positions, and an in-house team for fixed income securities. For equities coverage, we contract with 6 outside money managers to gain access to their models, positions, and daily trade information; one for each style (large cap growth, large cap value, mid cap growth, mid cap blend, small cap, and international). We select our managers with the assistance of a globally renowned investment advisor that serves as a consultant to our trust department. Each manager has been selected, based in part, on their consistent performance over time, alignment with our investment philosophy of sound asset allocation and proper diversification, tenure and experience of the investment team, low portfolio turnover, a focus on fundamental financial analysis versus market timing, and actively manage portfolio volatility as market, economic and geo political events occur.


Your money is placed in the Trust Department at LSNB where it is separate from other bank assets and protected from the bank’s creditors. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your money during a financial crisis.

Unlike competitors who work with outside money managers, your money never leaves the Trust department at LSNB. You are never subject to the potential of fraud or operational risks that can come from outside money managers and as demonstrated in the Bernie Madoff or Mark Sanford scandals.

Customization & Tax Efficiency

Our clients have a dedicated, local Portfolio Manager executing every trade on their accounts. This translates to better tax efficiency and the ability to fully customize portfolios for our clients. The portfolio manager is readily accessible and available to meet with their clients.


We hire the best-in-class money managers to make our buy/sell decisions. Each of our managers have a long term history of performing well against their benchmark, and are aligned to our investment philosophy.

Accountability – our team develops a communication plan with every client to establish an understanding around the account performance, and to assess performance against the benchmark. You will know how your account is performing and why.


We do not sell any proprietary product or receive “soft dollar” compensation from broker dealers. We do not receive any income, spread, mark up or commission from buying or selling securities for our clients. We are compensated solely by the investment management fee paid to us by the client.


Because your money never leaves the trust department at LSNB, you receive only one account statement from us (not numerous account statements from each money manager). You can see the big picture in terms of asset allocation and performance in one statement. Your CPA will spend less time preparing your income tax return as they’ll be working from one tax statement at the end of the year.

In-House Team for Fixed Income Products

Fee savings, which is important in this low yield environment.

Credit oversight translates to our clients knowing that their team is keeping watch on issuers’ changing credit profiles over time.

Institutional pricing vs. retail pricing provides cost savings that can boost overall portfolio performance.

Full Service Platform

Included in the fee for investment management services, our clients gain access to a team of wealth management professionals, with expertise in many different disciplines, who can provide thought leadership and real solutions for any other financial service need.

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