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  • Internet Banking


  • ATM Card

    ATM or VISA® Debit card monthly fee of $1.00. In the case of multiple ATM or VISA® Debit cards linked to a single account, a maximum of $2.00 per account, per month will be charged. ATM or VISA® Debit cards are available upon request and can only be used for ATM withdrawals and deposits. Point-of-sale transactions do not apply.

  • 24-Hour Phone Banking


  • eStatements

    Require enrollment in Internet Banking.

  • LSNB Mobile™

    LSNB Mobile™ requires Web access and access fees may be charged by your mobile carrier; check with your mobile provider for specific details on fees and charges.

  • ATM Deposits & Withdrawals

    ATM withdrawals at Lone Star National Bank ATMs and Allpoint Network ATMs at no charge. Fees may apply at other bank ATMs.

  • Allpoint ATM Network

    Surcharge-free ATMs. Visit allpointnetwork.com or download the Allpoint app to find an Allpoint ATM. Available through the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store.

  • Minimum Initial Deposit


  • Service Fee

    No Service Fee if Daily Balance is $250 and above. $5.99 per quarter if Daily Balance is below $250.

  • Interest-Bearing

    Yes, if Daily Collected Balance is $250 and above.

  • Transaction Limitations

    Federal regulation limits the number of withdrawals or transfers to a total of six (6) per statement cycle. This includes all transactions, except withdrawals or transfers made by mail, at a banking center or at an ATM. Lone Star National Bank allows three (3) withdrawals per statement cycle at no charge. There is a $2 excess item fee for each additional withdrawal, including withdrawals and transfers made by mail, at a banking center or at an ATM.

  • Statement Cycle

    $3.00 quarterly paper statement or eStatement at no charge.

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