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FDIC Consumer News: Tax Season and Your Refund Options
Click here to learn more about the changes in banking technology that make managing your refund safer and easier than ever.

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Earn interest on your savings with an account designed for your growing business.

Account Details
  • Internet Banking


  • 24-Hour Phone Banking


  • eStatements

    Require enrollment in Internet Banking.

  • LSNB Mobile™

    LSNB Mobile™ requires Web access and access fees may be charged by your mobile carrier; check with your mobile provider for specific details on fees and charges.

  • ATM Card

    ATM or VISA® Debit card monthly fee of $1.00. In the case of multiple ATM or VISA® Debit cards linked to a single account, a maximum of $2.00 per account, per month will be charged. ATM or VISA® Debit cards are available upon request and can only be used for ATM withdrawals and deposits. Point-of-sale transactions do not apply.

  • ATM Deposits & Withdrawals

    ATM withdrawals at Lone Star National Bank ATMs and Allpoint Network ATMs at no charge. Fees may apply at other bank ATMs.

  • Allpoint ATM Network

    Surcharge-free ATMs. Visit allpointnetwork.com or download the Allpoint app to find an Allpoint ATM. Available through the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store.

  • Minimum Initial Deposit


  • Service Fee

    No Monthly Service Fee if Daily Balance is $250 and above. $5.99 per quarter if Daily Balance is below $250.

  • Interest-Bearing

    Yes, if Daily Collected Balance is $250 and above.

  • Transaction Limitations

    Unlimited in-person transactions and ATM transactions. 3 withdrawals per quarter at no charge. Excess items are $2.00 each. Transfers from a Money Market, Savings, Select CD Savings or to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or computer transfer are limited to six per statement cycle with no more than a total of six by check, draft, debit card, or similar order to third parties.

  • Statement Cycle

    $3.00 quarterly paper statement or eStatement at no charge.

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